"Flashdance" ... What A Feeling(1983)

Trombone Scene(1957)

Jazz All Stars '67(1973)

2001 A Space Odyssey - Volume Two(1977)

Andrew Lloyd Webber ‎– Song & Dance(1982)

Apocalypse Now Original Soundtrack-The Ride Of The Valkyries(1980)

Beverly Hills Cop II (1987)

This Is Black Lion

Bruce Lee In The Dragon(1973)

Cats (Complete Original Broadway Cast Recording)(1983)

Dr. Dolittle: The Album(1998)


Fast Times At Ridgemont High(1982)

Pretty In Pink(1986)


Jacky Chan - Perfect Collection(1983)

Live And Let Die(1973)

MCA Great Entertainer Series(1976)

New York, New York(1977)


Project A(1984)


That's Entertainment(1974)

The Entertainer(1974)

The Karate Kid Part II(1986)

The King And I(1977)

The Music Of Cosmos(1981)

The NeverEnding Story(1984)

The Sound Of Music (1965)

The Sting(1976)

West Side Story(1969)


Those Glorious MGM Musicals - Silk Stockings / Gigi / Les(1973)

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers / Easter Parade(1973)

The Pirate / Hit The Deck / Pagan Love Song(1973)

Fred Astaire / Ginger Rogers(19)

Soundtrack(movie)    Various・BOXset

The Best Collection Movie Themes(1975)10LP

Screen Music Best 100 Series ~ Man's World ~(1975)

Movie Parade

Screen Music Library / European Film Themes(1974)

Stanley Black Screen Love Theme Max20(1971)

Screen Theme Twin Deluxe

4 Channel Screen Music World Thrill & Suspense(1971)

Best Of Best Mood Pops 18 Series Vol.2: Plays The Beatles & Burt Bacharach(1972)

Best Of Best Mood Pops 18 Series Vol.4: Francis Lai Themes For Lovers(1972)

スクリーン・ヒット・パレード ヨーロッパ編 小さな恋のメディ

スクリーン・ヒット・パレード アメリカ編 フレンズ

James Last/ Screen Music Forever(1979)

The western movie themes(1976)

Ensemble Petit & Screenland Orchestra – Western(1978)

Screen Western Album American And Italian (1967)

映画名曲集 SCREEN MUSIC 大いなる西部劇